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A question that can stress even the most calm of minds, especially in Ireland! Summer is still the most popular time for people to get married but as you will undoubtedly know it tends to rain a lot in Ireland during the summer months. As a result many people are moving away from the traditional time of June to August for their weddings.

In Ireland it seems the only times you are guaranteed sunshine is when people have exams in April/May and when children go back to school in September. For that reason these months tend to book up fairly quickly.

Choosing a date that is outside of your typical wedding season such as the spring time or late autumn can mean that you will get better deals from your chosen venue. So if you are flexible always ask about off season or midweek special offers to stretch your budget.

Autumn can be a colder season to get married but it does provide the most amazing backdrop for your photographs. At no other time in the year do you get the array of colours in the landscape around you from burnt orange & ochre to rich reds.

Winter weddings are another popular choice especially for those who may be living abroad but still want to have their wedding in Ireland. It is a time when families come together from all over the world. Bear in mind that Christmas time can be expensive for those travelling from abroad or they may have to deal with adverse weather depending on where they are travelling from and through. Apart from that winter weddings can be filled with wonderful things such as mulled wine, log fires, and cosy wraps or shrugs for the bridal party!

So its communion and confirmation season, what does that have to do with my wedding you ask. Well there are 2 things to consider when deciding your wedding date around this time.  The first is check if any of your family & friends have children of that age. If you want them at your wedding you may have to choose a wedding date outside of this season or accept that certain people may not make your wedding day. The second thing is if you are having your wedding in a hotel on the day of a communion there may be lots of mini brides running around in white dresses!

The wedding budget is another question to consider. How much do you want to spend on your wedding? How much time will you need to save? In general the more time you have the more money you will save & have to spend on your big day. So this will determine whether you get married 12, 18 or 24 months from when you get engaged.

We are a nation of sports mad people and this is something you should take into consideration when choosing your date. Whether it’s rugby, golf, football, hurling, boxing it is a good idea to check the sporting calendar. If you are not a sports fan then this sounds like the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard but trust me the last thing you want is half your wedding guests disappearing into the hotel bar to watch the Heineken Cup final or worse heading to France for next year’s final! So ignore this advice at your peril.

The best piece of advice I can give, is before you book your date double check that nothing clashes with your wedding and that there are no big sporting events or festivals being held in the vicinity of your wedding, otherwise things like accommodation can become a real nightmare.