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he tradition of the wedding cake has a long and varied history. One of the first traditions began in Ancient Rome where bread was broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune to the couple. Following that cakes were stacked as high as possible for the bride and groom to kiss over; if they successfully kissed over the stack they were guaranteed a prosperous life together. I like that one!

Traditionally wedding cakes were fruit cakes & white icing, to symbolise virginity and purity, but these days you can choose your wedding cake based on flavour, shape or even go for individual cakes and cupcakes.

The first thing to look at it the number of guests you have. This will determine the size and number of tiers for your wedding cake. In general a 3 tier cake will cater for 50-100 guests. The below guide will give you a good indication on what you will require for your numbers.

Next you will need to meet with a wedding cake designer. Tell them about you & your interests including the theme, colours and style of your wedding, this will help them guide you towards a cake design that reflects your personality & style. Another good tool to use with your cake designer is Pinterest. Put some images together of cakes you like, it may be the bow from one cake or the colour of another but all these will help you design a stunning wedding cake.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! There are so many different designs, colours and details out there to choose from and adding these touches is what can make your wedding cake truly special and unique. Options include sugared flowers, lace piped detail or even hand painted art. Use the internet to find cakes and details that inspire you but do remember that the more details a cake has the more time it will take to make & the more expensive it will be.