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Producing the engagement ring is one of the key moments of any wedding proposal. When you ask your partner to marry you, you hope that the choice of ring is everything they dreamed of. This can be a very daunting task! Don’t fear Sharon is here to help!

Find Out What They Like

  • If you have decided to pick the ring yourself, you may have to play detective for a while to get an idea of what your partner’s style is.
  • Look at the rest of their jewellery carefully to help determine their style. Do they prefer larger (don’t panic) or more delicate pieces, contemporary or more classic?
  • Ask their friends and family if they ever mentioned what shape stone or setting they prefer.
  • Has they ever mentioned if they’d prefer a solitaire (one stone) or a three-stone ring?
  • On your next shopping trip wander through a jewellery store. Tell them you’re looking for a new watch but be sure to stop at the engagement ring counters. See what kind of rings and jewellery catches their eye.
  • Take note if they comments on their friends engagement rings?
  • When flicking through fashion magazines, do they express an interest in a particular style of jewellery?


Traditionally the guideline budget was one to two months’ salary. This figure does not work for everyone so work within your means and spend what you can reasonably afford. Do no put yourself into debt before you’ve even gotten engaged!

Find A Reputable Jewellers

It is very important to find and deal with a trustworthy and well-respected jeweller. Take a look at where they source their diamonds or other stones, how knowledgeable are the staff, are they competitively priced, what after-sales service is provided.

Know Their Ring Size

This is easier than it seems. You can find out their ring size in several different ways. Try borrowing a ring, chose a ring that they wear closest to their wedding ring finger. Make sure to tell the jewelers which finger your partner wears the ring on so they can size it appropriately. Ask their friends and family if they know their size, make an impression of their ring in a bar of soap or trace the inside of one of their ring on a piece of paper.

You don’t have to get the size exactly right. Remember it is easier to size down a ring that is too big than it is to increase the size of a ring that’s too small.

A Placeholder Ring

A “placeholder” or dress ring is a temporary engagement ring that you can use to propose. This allows you to have the element of surprise but still get your partners input on the permanent ring. A placeholder ring can be anything from a family heirloom to a piece of costume jewellery.

Finally when you are going shopping it is a good idea to bring a buddy with you like their best friend or sister (just make sure they have good taste!!). Always remember you are buying what you think they will like and what will look good on their hand, your partner is the one wearing it so it has to be their style. Happy Shopping!

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