Bringing A Rainbow Of Colours To Your Wedding

Wedding Inspiration

The past few weeks we’ve had the sun shining outside and we are all brightening up our days with pops of colour. And with our fingers crossed for the rain to stay away it’s now time to bring the rainbow of colours into your wedding day! Whether you are choosing to include the entire rainbow or just one colour here is some inspiration for you:

Wedding Style For The Boys

Here the boys get to have some fun with colour. I do love the different coloured braces!

Wedding Style For The Girls

There are so many different places for you to bring colour into the girl’s style. Here are some ideas for subtle hidden ideas like the rainbow garter to gorgeous block coloured bouquets to full on multi coloured wedding dresses. Would you be brave enough for rainbow makeup!

Wedding Décor

For those that are a little scared of the more powerful rainbow colours try going for pastel shades like those used in the picture of the chiavari chairs.

The Wedding Cake

A feast of colours for your wedding cake! I love the different ways these images bring colour into the wedding cake, from giving your guests a big surprise with rainbow coloured filling to the full-on multi coloured mini cakes to the quirky & unique Lego cake topper. The choices are endless!

Food For Thought

Just one word – Yummy!!!

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Wedding Dress Trends Spring 2014

Wedding Dresses

For those getting married in 2014 it is time to start looking at the wonderful new wedding dress trends. While the beautiful traditional shapes & silhouettes have reappeared again for Spring 2014, designer like Vera Wang & Oscar de la Renta brought exciting new elements with dramatic black opera-length gloves and blue dresses to the runways.

Colour Inspiration

Over the last few years we have seen many celebrities opting to move away from the traditional white wedding dress to a touch of pink for Ann Hathaway’s dress and an eye popping purple for Dita Von Tesse and this season the designers have given us a range of options from the delicate to the bold.
Oscar de la Renta’s blue silk organza and sequin floral embroidered tulle strapless gown with blue tulle wrap.

A very elegant soft pink tulle gown with ivory silk organza flower appliqué and lace embroidery and pink tulle wrap from Oscar de la Renta.

Hamda al Fahim combines several of this seaons trends with this gorgeous ice blue grey gown with cascading delicate ruffles and detailed long sleeves.

Vera Wang brings the classic colours of black and white today into her Spring 2014 collection. Here she shows us a light ivory and black strapless gown with silk ottoman bodice; hand draped silk faille skirt and contour band accent at neckline.

Fishtail Hem

The fishtail hem is the go-to silhouette for a dramatic and flattering fit. The fitted bodice and nipped-in waist of the gown is flattering to women with a wide variety of different figures and body types.
The ‘Aria’ wedding dress from the 2014 Carolina Herrera Spring Collection with ivory rose motif embroidery on tulle and satin faced silk organza gown shows us a softer & slightly higher fishtail hem. This allows the bride a little more freedom of movement on the day.


A variety of glove options appeared on the catwalk for designers like Oscar de la Renta & Vera Wang from opera length gloves to elegant sheer versions. Whatever you choose can add a little theatre to you wedding ensemble. Do bear in mind if you are wearing gloves that you may need to remove them when you get to the altar so that your fiancé can place the wedding ring on your finger!
Vera Wang brings drama with black opera length gloves.

Long Sleeves

Inspired by Grace Kelly & Kate Middleton this is proving a very popular trend again this year. Long sleeves can be seen in just about every collection using lace and tulle, and is definitely here to stay. Delicate lace detail & sheer embroidery make this a trend that can be worn for any season. Long sleeves are also great for brides that don’t want to show too much flesh and by choosing the right material and style can help slim down the arms and shoulder area.

Classy Cover-ups

Monique Lhuillier’s new collection showcases a classic & elegant array of cover-ups that will leave you wanting to keep your wedding dress under wraps! By adding a bolero, coat, cape or shawl you can create two looks on your wedding day.
Tatianna – Silk white 4 ply silk crepe cape

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How To Find The Right Engagement Ring

Engagement Tips

Producing the engagement ring is one of the key moments of any wedding proposal. When you ask your partner to marry you, you hope that the choice of ring is everything they dreamed of. This can be a very daunting task! Don’t fear Sharon is here to help!

Find Out What They Like

  • If you have decided to pick the ring yourself, you may have to play detective for a while to get an idea of what your partner’s style is.
  • Look at the rest of their jewellery carefully to help determine their style. Do they prefer larger (don’t panic) or more delicate pieces, contemporary or more classic?
  • Ask their friends and family if they ever mentioned what shape stone or setting they prefer.
  • Has they ever mentioned if they’d prefer a solitaire (one stone) or a three-stone ring?
  • On your next shopping trip wander through a jewellery store. Tell them you’re looking for a new watch but be sure to stop at the engagement ring counters. See what kind of rings and jewellery catches their eye.
  • Take note if they comments on their friends engagement rings?
  • When flicking through fashion magazines, do they express an interest in a particular style of jewellery?


Traditionally the guideline budget was one to two months’ salary. This figure does not work for everyone so work within your means and spend what you can reasonably afford. Do no put yourself into debt before you’ve even gotten engaged!

Find A Reputable Jewellers

It is very important to find and deal with a trustworthy and well-respected jeweller. Take a look at where they source their diamonds or other stones, how knowledgeable are the staff, are they competitively priced, what after-sales service is provided.

Know Their Ring Size

This is easier than it seems. You can find out their ring size in several different ways. Try borrowing a ring, chose a ring that they wear closest to their wedding ring finger. Make sure to tell the jewelers which finger your partner wears the ring on so they can size it appropriately. Ask their friends and family if they know their size, make an impression of their ring in a bar of soap or trace the inside of one of their ring on a piece of paper.

You don’t have to get the size exactly right. Remember it is easier to size down a ring that is too big than it is to increase the size of a ring that’s too small.

A Placeholder Ring

A “placeholder” or dress ring is a temporary engagement ring that you can use to propose. This allows you to have the element of surprise but still get your partners input on the permanent ring. A placeholder ring can be anything from a family heirloom to a piece of costume jewellery.

Finally when you are going shopping it is a good idea to bring a buddy with you like their best friend or sister (just make sure they have good taste!!). Always remember you are buying what you think they will like and what will look good on their hand, your partner is the one wearing it so it has to be their style. Happy Shopping!

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Wedding Speeches

Wedding Tips

The mention of wedding speeches can send some people running for the hills but with a few helpful tips it can be a really lovely experience. Someone very close to you has asked you to speak about them and their partner on their wedding day and that is a very special honour that not everyone gets the change to do.

Before you stand up to deliver wedding speech, think of a something that makes you smile.

It’s better to have a big smile on your face instead of a look of dread. Before you start to speak try to forget about what lies ahead and just focus on the moment at hand.Keep the in-jokes to a minimum and keep them short. Remember you are being asked to say a few words on your friend or child’s wedding day, you are not doing a spot at the Cat laughs festival!
Don’t drink too many for Dutch courage. You may need a small one to steady the nerves but avoid getting drunk before you give your speech; slurred speech is not a good thing for the wedding video. It is also a good idea to eat before you give the speech this will stop your tummy from rumbling and calm the butterflies!

As our mother’s say, “speak slowly and clearly”, make eye contact with people in different areas of the room. Keep in mind you are speaking to all the guests not just those in the table in front of you. You will be surprised how this helps to relax you when you see the friendly smiling faces looking up at you.

The wedding guests are rooting for you. They want to see you succeed and are only waiting to hear kind words for the happy couple from you. You are talking to family and friends not standing up in a lecture hall talking to a bunch of strangers!

Prepare and practice.

You will find it much less daunting if you prepare your speech in advance. I don’t mean that you have to have every single word written out but have some bullet points of things you want to say, people you want to thank and stories you want to tell. Have some notes written out for the day. Once you start and get into your stride you will start ad-libbing a little bit anyway. Once you have your notes done practice in front of the mirror or your partner and get some honest feedback. It’s also a good idea to visualise everyone clapping and laughing (at the right times!)

Be sincere and remember a wedding speech should be about both families.

Breath! Sounds simple but when we get nervous we tend to hold our breath, so a simple solution to make yourself relax is take deep breaths into your belly just before you stand up to give your speech. Practice this at home too, visualise yourself at the wedding, sitting down and being calm as you take deep breaths and relax.
Think about how you will feel after your speech. Don’t worry about feeling nervous or anxious beforehand just about how good you will feel once you’ve sat down knowing you have contributed a memorable part to the wedding day.

Allow yourself to be soppy. People think that speeches have to be funny, but some of the most memorable speeches are those that contain true, sincere words that come from the heart. Wedding speeches are the perfect time to get soppy and really express your feelings whether you are the father of the bride or the best man.

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Q & A With Ring Designer Donal Carey

Wedding Tips
ring designer q & a sharon mc meel

Donal Carey is the founder of a new service which aims to help people design their own bespoke wedding or engagement rings using state of the art technology. I sat down with Donal recently to get some tips for all those couples getting engaged in the next few months.

What Services Do You Provide To Your Clients?

Firstly we provide help, education and guidance to all our clients about diamonds and how to get the best one for their budget. We then help them to design their own wedding or engagement rings using sophisticated computer aided design software so that they get the perfect one of a kind ring that they are looking for. We also then manufacture the ring(s) for them and once their ready we hand deliver them to each and every client.

How Can People Make Sure That The Diamonds They Purchase Are Real?

This is something that we get asked quite a lot about and it is an area where people need to be very cautious. All of the diamonds that we sell are independently verified by one of three diamond laboratories around the world. Alwaysmake sure that the diamond you are buying comes with a certificate from one of the following three labs:

All of the diamonds we sell are checked and tested in one of these three laboratories and will come with a certificate stating that the diamond is natural and not man-made together with its carat weight, colour grade, clarity grade and a description of its cut.

I cannot overstate the importance of having one of these certs accompany a diamond when you purchase it as without one you will be relying solely on the sellers word for what you are buying.

How Do You Make Sure All Your Diamonds Are Conflict Free?

In order to eradicate diamonds that are sold to finance armed groups the industry set up a system called the “Kimberley Process”  in the early years of the 21st century to track all diamonds circulating between countries to ensure no illegally mined diamonds get into the system. We make sure that all diamonds we purchase are accompanied by a Kimberley certificate and it is something which we take very seriously.

Can You Give Our Couples Some Tips For Buying Diamonds?

Some good general rules to follow would be:

  • Look for diamonds that are just under some of the more popular carat weights as these will be visually indistinguishable from the larger size but can be cheaper. E.g. a 0.90 point diamond will cost less than a 1 carat diamond but visually will appear the same size as a 1 carat diamond.
  • The visible difference between diamonds of one colour grade and the next, e.g. G to H or I to J is so minor it is difficult to detect with the naked eye. The difference in price however can be large.
  • A good compromise in terms of clarity and value is the VS1/VS2 range which appear flawless to the naked eye and is still affordable.
  • Diamonds with a cut grade of ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’ are an excellent combination of beauty and value.

Should You Be Thinking About The Wedding Ring When Buying The Engagement Ring?

Yes, definitely, many of the couples we help opt for designing the two bands together or if you are thinking about the engagement and wedding ring together then you can design them so that they complement each other.

What’s The Best Way For Our Couples To Get In Touch With You?

At the moment I can be reached by my direct number of 085-7225600. Early in the New Year we will be launching our brand new website so stay tuned for that!

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